Sunday, May 15, 2005

Meatless Meatballs and Ziti

since phillip works nights (A LOT) i'm left cooking for one. in the past, i'd run to mcdonalds or the pizza place to grab something fast. but that's obviously not good for me (or anyone) so i had to stop. in fact, today is the one year anniversary of me being McDonalds Free! i haven't set foot in a McDonalds for one whole year! i decided to give up fast foods (mcdonalds in particular) after seeing the movie Super Size Me. i have not been in a wendy's in a year, either. but i won't lie. on two occasions over the past year i bought 2 fish sandwiches from Burger King. i just had a craving and i couldn't get rid of it till i had one. but 2 times in a year ain't bad! so i'm happy to say that i can live the rest of my life without McDonalds!

ok, on to tonight's dinner.

since i am cooking for one, i decided to cook up some pasta. the only choices we had in the house were angelhair or ziti. i chose the ziti. so i cooked up some ziti and heated up some sauce. i then threw in some of these awesome meatless meatballs i found at whole foods today:

they are really good. i popped them in the oven for 10 minutes and then added them to the sauce. after about 3 minutes (and when the pasta was ready) i tossed it all together and, voila!

sorry i didn't take a picture of it before i dug in. it just smelled so good that i couldn't wait!


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