Saturday, April 16, 2005


i just made the most delicious scallops i've ever had. it's just me tonight for dinner, since phillip works late. sometimes that's a good thing, because i'm able to cook seafood while he's at work. phillip hates any kind of fish. and there's no getting him to eat it, no matter what.

so i made a quick, easy, and light dinner for myself.

here's what you need (this is for one serving):

1/4 lb scallops, any size (i used the tiny ones because they were on sale)
1Tbs butter
dash of garlic powder
dash of salt
two cups of egg noodles

here's what i did
boil water for the egg noodles.

heat a skillet till it's hot. melt the butter in the pan, when it's almost all melted, add the garlic powder and salt.

add the scallops to the pan. make sure you cook them well. i tend to over-cook mine, but i like them that way. you'll know that they are thoroughly cooked when they are white. there should be no pink showing. if you over-cook them, you'll know. because they will brown :)

when the water has boiled, add the egg noodles. when they have cooked to your liking (i like mine al dente), drain and put back into the large bowl you used to cook them in.

add the scallops to the noodles and toss together.

add more salt or garlic if you like.

serve and eat!

it might look bland, but it isn't. very quick and great for those of you who enjoy scallops.


Anonymous DP said...

Oh that looks delicious, what a good idea. I'd probably add some cracked black pepper and red pepper flakes for color and spice, but that's just me, I kinda like my mouth on fire when I eat. Thanks for the recipe!

Also you know what's awesome? Baked scallops. Put them in a small ovenproof dish with enough white wine to cover the bottom of the pan, some herbs and spices (thyme is always excellent)and a dash of salt and pepper, shake some breadcrumbs over them and add a couple pats of butter to the top. Let them bake at 375 for 15-30 min, depending on how big the dish is, until browned and bubble at the edges. De-LISH.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Honey Bunny said...

oh, wow, DP..that DOES sound delish! i will have to try it some night. thanks for the recipe!

2:07 PM  
Anonymous DP said...

also.. (geez I love your cooking blog)

I had made some awesome tomato sauce last weekend and we still had a lot left. We were having a dinner guest and I had scallops on the brain... I bought a pound of them, rinsed them off, sprinkled them with salt, cracked black pepper and the juice of half of lemon and let them sit for a few minutes to soak up the lemon juice (the acid acts as a tenderizer). Sauteed them on high heat with some butter and olive oil - served them over the red sauce with spinach fettucine, with a side of olive bread that I got from the local bakery and some dip (extra-virgin olive oil that I mixed with some red pepper flakes and onion and garlic powders). My guest said "nobody minds if I lick my plate, right?"

6:49 AM  
Blogger Honey Bunny said...

oh, wow. that sounds delicious! i LOVE olive bread, but haven't had it since i lived in NY (where i grew up). my grangmother used to make it all the time. good stuff, i tell ya!

the only thing that holds me back from cooking more is the fact that our apartment has an electric stove. cooking on an electric stove is horrible. i totally prefer gas, but we don't have a choice.

maybe when we can afford (year, right!) our own place i'll be able to cook better/more.

i'm really glad you like my blog! i have two other meals in the queue to post, so come back again soon!

11:09 AM  
Anonymous DP said...

More meals? Hooray!!

In our old apartment, not only did we have an electric stove, but it was an electric stove sized to fit a summer cottage. I love to cook and that stove was my worst nightmare. I'd get better results from builing a fire in an oil barrel roled into the middle of my kitchen and cooking over that instead. I ttoally feel your electric stove pain. Impossible to make a sauce on that things. Our current place has a full size gas range and I couldn't be happier.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Honey Bunny said...

i'm totally jealous of your gas stove!

4:11 PM  
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Blogger Honey Bunny said...

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5:34 PM  

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