Thursday, February 17, 2005


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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Breakfast - Eggs and Bacon

it's no secret. breakfast is my favorite meal. i could eat breakfast food for every meal. Unfortunately, it's not so good for you. but one can wish it was.

phillip and i had the day off, so i decided to make us breakfast. i looked in the fridge and we had the following: eggs, bacon, cheese, bagels, and cream cheese. oh, and coffee. and don't forget tea. phillip likes tea; i like coffee.

How To Make Scrambled Eggs and Bacon

here's what you need:
  • bacon. we like the maple flavored kind.
  • eggs
  • cheese of your choice. the only thing i had was american, but you can use whatever you'd like.
  • bagels
  • cream cheese
  • coffee or tea or both
  • frying pan
  • mixing bowl

    what you need to do:
    grab a frying pan and place it on the stove. turn on the heat, or if you're luckier than i am, the gas. get it hot. then lay as many bacon strips as needed in the pan. i don't recommend eating bacon every day, but once in a while is ok. fry it to your liking. we like it really crispy, so all the fat is fried off.

    when you've finished frying the bacon, you should probably dispose of the bacon grease. if you are frying eggs, i guess you could use the grease like my mom used to. actually, don't. memories of that kind of turn my stomach. anyway, dispose of the grease and wash out the frying pan. or just get a new one if you want to. make sure it's non-stick.

    if you're making coffee, make sure you start it now so it's ready when the eggs are done. put a pot of water on for tea. or, if you're like us, put a mug of water in the microwave it :)

    grab as many eggs as needed as well as the cheese. more people, more eggs and cheese.

    crack the eggs into the bowl. cut up the cheese and put it in the bowl as well. whisk together the eggs and cheese. you can add salt and pepper to taste if you wish.

    when the eggs are whisked together, pour the eggs and cheese into the heated nonstick frying pan. make sure that the heat isn't too high or you'll burn the eggs.

    as the eggs heat, gently fold the eggs over on themselves, making sure to work from the outside in. eggs don't take very long to cook, so make sure you don't leave the stove for any length of time. if you do, you'll have burnt, dried out eggs. and no one wants that!

    after the eggs have cooked, remove them from stove and put aside. place a bagel in the toaster. when it pops up, spread cream cheese on it. repeat for as many people you are cooking for. of course, if you don't want a bagel, you can skip it.

    place the eggs, bacon, and bagel on a plate and serve it up. pour the coffee or tea and serve it as well. doesn't that look great? dig in!

  • Monday, February 07, 2005

    Dinner - Turkey Pot Pies and Salad

    last night phillip and i were pretty tired from working all day. working on sundays bites, but at least we get paid time and a half. that's really the only good thing about working on sundays.

    also, last night was the superbowl. we are not football fans (i like baseball and phillip likes soccer) so we didn't have the TV tuned into the game. we could hear people screaming every few minutes, so we assumed that the patriots were winning. anyway, we were too lazy to go out to eat and i was too tired to make something extravagant, so we decided on turkey pot pies and salad.

    here's what you need for turkey pot pie and salad:
  • two frozen turkey pot pies (more or less for whomever you're cooking for). we like Pepperidge FarmĀ® Pot Pies because the crust is tastier than others out there. plus, the veggies are crisp and not mushy like others.
  • some aluminum foil
  • an oven
  • lettuce of your choice. we like the salad-in-a-bag you can get at your local grocery store. it's a time saver and less messy. i like to throw in some baby carrots for the crunch. actually, it's so phillip gets more vitamins in his system, but let's pretend i do it for the crunch.
  • bac-os- if you're hardcore like us.
  • salad dressing of your choice. the only thing i had on hand was ranch. mmmm...ranch dressing. but you can pick whatever you'd like.

    what you need to do:
  • preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
  • put a strip of aluminum foil around the outside of the pot pies. this keeps the crust from burning AND having the gravy drip all over the inside of your stove.
  • when you've got the foil on the pies and the stove is heated, pop those puppies in and set your timer for one hour.
  • listen to your tummy grumble.
  • prepare the salads:
    --- put a handful of salad each in two bowls (less or more, depending on how many are eatin' with you).
    --- put some carrots or other veggies in the salad.
    --- sprinkle bac-os on top.
    --- leave the salad dressing off because you never know how much each person likes. personally, i like a lot. phillip, not so much.

    while you're waiting for the pies to cook:
  • talk to your loved ones about the weather, politics, sports, or how you hate your boss. whatever you choose, make sure you distract them from the fact that it takes an HOUR for the pies to cook
  • set the table
  • pour some drinks. remember: drink responsibly!
  • do the leftover dishes from the night before
  • watch bad tv
  • listen to your tummy grumble
  • breathe in the awesome smell of cooking turkey pot pies and try not to drool

    when the hour is up, you will have awesome, delicious, perfect pot pies like this:


    pot pies will be HOT! you might want to suggest eating the salad first while the pies cool. no one likes a burnt tongue, do we?

    there's nothing better than enjoying a meal with the ones you love. food is meant to be enjoyed. if you don't get pleasure out of cooking and eating, why bother?